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1、 What type of diode is LL4148?

LL4148 is a small single switch diode that, like most diodes, only allows current to flow in one direction. LL4148 is a silicon epitaxial planar diode with cathode strip identification, using a glass encapsulated version.

LL4148 has high conductivity and reliability, characterized by a fast recovery time of 8ns to 4ns only at a forward current of 300mA. Therefore, LL4148 diodes are used for fast switching.

The main use of the LL4148 diode is for fast switching, as well as various other projects such as heat monitoring, detecting LED status, and controlling another circuit.

Compared to standard silicon diodes, the LL4148 diode can ensure better performance in high-frequency applications.

2、 Characteristics of LL4148

Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode

High conductivity

High reliability


Same electrical data as 1N4448 and 1N4148

Fast recovery time (8ns-4ns)

3、 LL4148 pin arrangement

The LL4148 pin arrangement is shown in the figure:

Anode: Current always enters through the anode

Cathode: Current always flows out through the cathode

4、 Equivalence and Replacement of LL4148

(1). LL4148 Equivalent

BAS32, 1N4148, 1N4448, 1N4154

(2). LL4148 Replacement


5、 LL4148 Application

Relay isolation

Speed switch

signal processing

Can be used to prevent reverse polarity issues

Protection of power electronic switches operating at high switching frequencies

Used as a protective device

Current regulator


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WEET The Future Development Trend of China's Semiconductor Diode Industry

The future development trend of China's semiconductor diode industry

1. Wide-bandgap semiconductor materials gradually become popular

With the continuous development of technology, profound changes have taken place in the semiconductor diode industry, and new materials will become the new development focus of the industry. New material semiconductors represented by materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) have attracted industry attention due to their excellent performance such as wide band gap, high saturation drift speed, and high critical breakdown electric field. They are expected to become a new type of semiconductors. Wide bandgap semiconductor materials exhibit good material properties in practical applications. Due to technical limitations and high manufacturing costs, they are currently only appearing in high-end application scenarios. With the maturity of future technology, the manufacturing cost of wide-bandgap semiconductor materials will be further reduced, and will gradually become the mainstream product material in the semiconductor diode industry in the future.

2. Extend to higher value-added links

Scale advantage is an important means for companies in the semiconductor diode industry to control costs and improve their competitiveness. Therefore, low-end small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have scale advantages will find it difficult to continuously invest in R&D and market development, and it is difficult to survive in the industry. In recent years, China's semiconductor diode industry has increased its integration efforts, small companies have gradually withdrawn, and market concentration has gradually increased.

However, the process flow with high technical barriers and high product added value in the chip epitaxial link is in a disadvantageous position relative to the international leading level. The current market concentration of China's semiconductor diode industry is gradually increasing. With sufficient funds, companies have gradually increased their R&D investment. Especially in the SiC field, most large diode companies have capital arrangements. In addition, China's semiconductor diode packaging technology is at an internationally leading level, and the high standards of the packaging industry will in turn promote the accelerated development of the semiconductor diode chip industry, which in turn will drive the development of the entire industry and extend to higher value-added links.


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