WEET LL-41 ZM4727 THRU ZM4761 and DO-41 1N4727 THRU 1N4761

LL-41 ZM4727 THRU ZM4761 are for use in stabilizing and clipping circuits with high power rating. 

Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ±10%.

Add suffix "A" for ±5% tolerance and suffix "B" for ±2% tolerance.

Other tolerance available are upon request.

These diodes are also available in DO-41 case with the type designation 1N4727...1N4761

Datasheet: https://weetcl.com/pdf/WEET_LL41_ZM4727_THRU_ZM4761.pdf

ZM4727, ZM4728, ZM4729, ZM4730, ZM4731, ZM4732, ZM4733, ZM4734, ZM4735, ZM4736, ZM4737, ZM4738, ZM4739, ZM4740, ZM4741, ZM4742, ZM4743, ZM4744, ZM4745, ZM4746, ZM4747, ZM4748, ZM4749, ZM4750, ZM4751, ZM4752, ZM4753, ZM4754, ZM4755, ZM4756, ZM4757, ZM4758, ZM4759, ZM4760, ZM4761


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