WEET Tells the Differences between Diode Rectifiers and Bridge Rectifiers

1、 Different structures

The diode rectifier structure is simple and consists of two different types of semiconductor materials, P-type and N-type. The bridge rectifier connects four diodes in series to form a whole. There are also two different semiconductor materials, P-type and N-type, inside the bridge rectifier, but they are connected together differently to form a four way rectifier circuit.

2、 Different functions

Diode rectifiers have a single conductivity and can only conduct electricity during forward bias, while blocking the passage of current during reverse bias. Its main function is to act as a rectifier, converting AC signals into DC electrical signals for subsequent circuit use.

The bridge rectifier can also achieve unidirectional current conduction, but due to the internal composition of four diodes, it can achieve a more complete rectifier circuit. Its main function is to rectify the AC signal into a complete sine wave, while also rectifying negative signals into positive values.

3、 Different application fields

Due to the fact that diode rectifiers can only perform half wave rectification conversion, their application range is relatively narrow, mainly used in low-power circuits, such as small power supplies. The bridge rectifier can achieve full wave rectification, so its application fields are more extensive and can be applied in high-power circuits, such as electronic power supplies and other fields that require high current.

4、 Different stability

There is only one PN junction inside the diode rectifier, so it is prone to failure in environments such as high temperature, high voltage, and high frequency. The bridge rectifier is composed of multiple diodes as a whole, so its stability is higher compared to a single diode.

In summary, although diode rectifiers and bridge rectifiers are commonly used components in circuits, there are significant differences in structure, function, application, and stability. When selecting circuit components, specific types of components need to be selected according to actual needs.


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