WEET DO-201AD DO-27 1500W TVS Transient Voltage Suppressor Axial Diodes 1.5KE6.8 1.5KE15A 1.5KE47A

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1.5KE TVS diode is an electronic protection component commonly used in circuit protection. The so-called circuit protection is to protect the components in the circuit from damage such as overvoltage, overcurrent, surge, electromagnetic interference. With the vigorous development of scientific information technology, electronic and power products are increasingly diversified, intelligent, integrated, and miniaturized. The simple circuit protection components in the past can not meet the requirements of today's circuit protection. At present, commonly used circuit protection components are: TVS transient suppression diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode, varistor, self-recovery fuse, ceramic gas discharge tube, semiconductor discharge tube, etc..
TVS diodes are available in a wide variety of models, with their own unique aura (PS-level response speed, large pulse transient power, easy control of clamp voltage, low breakdown voltage, low leakage current, high reliability, no damage limit, small size, easy to install), widely used in various types of electronic equipments(automotive electronics, consumer electronics, electronic instrumentation, precision equipment, communication equipment, AC/DC power supply, I/O ports, etc.), lightning protection, anti-light overvoltage, anti-interference, absorption of surge power, etc.
TVS diodes 1.5KE series model details: https://weetcl.com/pdf/WEET_DO27_1.5KE_Series.pdf 

1.5KE6.8A/CA, 1.5KE7.5A/CA, 1.5KE8.2A/CA, 1.5KE9.1A/CA, 1.5KE10A/CA, 1.5KE11A/CA, 1.5KE12A/CA, 1.5KE13A/CA, 1.5KE15A /CA, 1.5KE16A/CA, 1.5KE18A/CA, 1.5KE20A/CA, 1.5KE22A/CA, 1.5KE24A/CA, 1.5KE27A/CA, 1.5KE30A/CA, 1.5KE33A/CA, 1.5KE36A/CA, 1.5KE39A /CA, 1.5KE43A/CA, 1.5KE47A/CA, 1.5KE51A/CA, 1.5KE56A/CA, 1.5KE62A/CA, 1.5KE68A/CA, 1.5KE75A/CA, 1.5KE82A/CA, 1.5KE91A/CA, 1.5KE100A /CA, 1.5KE110A/CA, 1.5KE120A/CA, 1.5KE130A/CA, 1.5KE150A/CA, 1.5KE160A/CA, 1.5KE170A/CA, 1.5KE180A/CA, 1.5KE200A/CA, 1.5KE220A/CA, 1.5KE250A /CA, 1.5KE300A/CA, 1.5KE350A/CA, 1.5KE380A/CA, 1.5KE400A/CA, 1.5KE440A/CA, 1.5KE500A/CA, 1.5KE520A/CA, 1.5KE550A/CA, 1.5KE600A/CA...
Among them, 1.5KE6.8A/CA, 1.5KE18A/CA, 1.5KE27A/CA, 1.5KE33A/CA, 1.5KE440CA are the most commonly used TVS diodes in the market. WEET offer excellent quality, factory direct sales, technical assistance, and timely after-sales service.

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