WEET 2N7002 SOT-23 MOSFET N-CHANNEL Enhancement

2N7002 Basic Parameters:

A type of IC product model

Transistor polarity: N-channel

Drain current, Id maximum value: 200mA

Voltage, Vds max: 60V

Open state resistance, Rds (on): 5.4ohm

Voltage @ Rds measurement: 10V

Voltage, Vgs max: 2.1V

Power consumption: 0.32W

Working temperature range: -55 to 150

Package type: SOT-23

Pin count: 3

SVHC (Temperature Concerned Substances): Cobalt dichloride

SMD label: 702/7002/K72/S72/3PG (2N7002G)/3PL (2N7002L)/72wll

Power, Pd: 0.32W

Outer width: 3.0mm

External depth: 2.5mm

External length/height: 1.1mm

Package type: SOT-23

Belt width: 9mm

Number of transistors: 1

Transistor type: MOSFET

Temperature @ current measurement: 25 ° C

Full power temperature: 25 ° C

Voltage Vgs @ Rds on measurement: 20V

Voltage, Vds typical value: 60V

Current, Id continuous: 0.2A

Current, Idm pulse: 0.5A

Surface Mount Devices: Surface Mount

On state resistance, Rds on @ Vgs=10V: 2.8ohm

On state resistance, Rds on @ Vgs=5V: 3.1ohm

On state resistance, Rds on @ Vgs=4.5V: 3.2ohm

Threshold voltage, Vgs th min value: 1.1V

Threshold voltage, Vgs th max value: 2.1V

SVHC (Substances of High Concern) (Additional): Bis (2-ethyl (hexyl) phthalate) (DEHP) 

Description: 200mA, 60V, N-CHANNEL, Si, SMALL Signal, MOSFET package: SOT-23, 3 PIN

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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/WEETechnology

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