WEET - How to Detect the Quality of Diodes

Method for detecting the quality of diodes:

1. Detection of ordinary diodes: (including detector diodes, rectifier diodes, damping diodes, switching diodes, and freewheeling diodes) is a semiconductor device composed of a PN structure with unidirectional conductivity characteristics. By using a multimeter to detect its forward and reverse resistance values, the electrode of the diode can be identified, and it can also be estimated whether the diode is damaged.


2. Detection of zener diode: Connect the positive terminal of the megohmmeter to the negative terminal of the zener diode, and connect the negative terminal of the megohmmeter to the positive terminal of the zener diode. Shake the handle of the megohmmeter at a constant speed according to regulations, and monitor the voltage values at both ends of the zener diode with a multimeter (the voltage range of the multimeter should depend on the size of the stable voltage value). When the voltage indication on the multimeter is stable, This voltage value is the stable voltage value of the zener diode. If the stable voltage value of the zener diode is measured to fluctuate, it indicates that the diode is unstable.



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WEET DO-35 1N4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode

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WEET DO-35 1N4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode

1N4148 is a small high-speed switching diode with fast switching. It is widely used in single-pass isolation, communication, computer boards, TV circuits and industrial control circuits for circuits with high signal frequencies.
75V reverse withstand voltage and 150mA average forward current, very suitable for general rectification in general occasions.
The 4pF junction capacitance and 4nS reverse recovery time are sufficient for most applications.
Very easy to obtain, as well as a small signal high frequency diode that is inexpensive and versatile.

Check more 1N4148 information at http://www.weetcl.com/pdf/WEET_DO35_1N4148.pdf 

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