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WEET Tells How to Measure the Quality of the Bridge Rectifier

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WEET Tells How to Measure the Quality of the Bridge Rectifier

Take three-phase rectifier bridge as an example. With a digital meter, it is normal if there is a voltage drop of about 700mV during forward measurement. If the voltage drop is small, it will be broken down, and if the voltage drop is too large, it will be blown. No pressure drop is normal. Multimeters are also called multiplex meters, multimeters, three-meters, multi-meters, etc. They are indispensable measuring instruments in power electronics and other sectors. They generally measure voltage, current, and resistance as their main purpose.

The three-phase bridge rectifier is composed of 6 diodes in series and parallel, and each diode can be measured separately according to the method of measuring a single diode.

According to the display mode, multimeters are divided into pointer multimeters and digital multimeters. It is a multi-function, multi-range measuring instrument. Generally, a multimeter can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance and audio level, etc. Some can also measure AC current, capacitance, inductance and semiconductor parameters (such as β), etc.

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