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WEET Flat Bridge Rectifiers GBJ 10A 1000V GBJ1010 Single Phase Bridge Through Hole GBJ10005-GBJ1008

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Generally speaking, we call the components directly plugged into the circuit board as Dip components. The corresponding components are SMD components. There are some internal bridge rectifiers with large power and capacity that require additional heat sinks and special installation places. Therefore, the Dip bridge rectifier refers to the bridge rectifier that is directly plugged into the circuit board. Generally, the power is not very large. Most of the common ones are <20A, and a heat sink can be added to the circuit board.

Common classifications of bridge rectifiers are generally directly classified by their withstand voltage and allowable current.

Bridge rectifiers are generally used in circuits that require AC (pulse) to DC conversion. Most electrical appliances are used. They are generally used in switching power supplies or power circuits of electrical appliance, low-power switching power supplies, chargers, power adapters, LED light rectifiers, electric fans, TV sets, indoor air conditioners and other related electrical products.

WEET adheres to the quality policy of "Keep improving, satisfying customers, pursuing excellence, and innovative development", with the goal of serving customers, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, and continuous improvement of product quality. Products are widely used in industries such as lighting, power adapters, computers, televisions, communication equipment, tablets, and small household appliances.

WEET provides customers with cost-effective products with excellent quality and cost competitiveness, and is committed to becoming one of the best manufacturers of semiconductor components.

WEET Flat Bridge Rectifiers GBJ 10A 1000V GBJ1010 Through Hole Single Phase Bridge
Same serie includes GBJ10005(50V) GBJ1001(100V) GBJ1002(200V) GBJ1004(400V) GBJ1006(600V) GBJ1008(800V)

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