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WEET Tells How to Quickly Grasp the Necessary Electronic Components for IoT Design

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WEET Tells How to Quickly Grasp the Necessary Electronic Components for IoT Design

At the time when the Internet of Things (IoT) is booming, a variety of novel electronic product designs are sprouting, and equipment developers are making every effort to speed up product development and time to market in order to seize market share as soon as possible. With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, understanding how to quickly grasp the necessary electronic components for IoT design, as well as the important evaluation indicators and techniques for selecting relevant components, is of vital importance to promoting product launches.

The packaging of electronic components refers to how the parts are mounted on the circuit board. Many parts are either soldered on a printed circuit board (PCB), through a through-hole method, or using surface mount technology.

Basic Electronic Components:
The simplest components are discrete passive components. These parts have only a single function, such as providing resistance, capacitance, inductance, or adding voltage or current control. Most discrete components have only two to three pins.

Capacitors store charge. Capacitors are mostly used for frequency filtering. Its unit is Faraday, F. Can use through hole or SMT package. The electrolytic capacitor has polarity and must be installed correctly, otherwise the capacitor may be damaged. When purchasing a capacitor, you must declare the polarity, type of dielectric (such as ceramic, plastic, paper, etc.), rated voltage and capacitance.

Diode Rectifier:
The diode rectifier can allow or block the flow of current in the circuit according to the voltage across it. Current is only passed when the anode voltage is higher than the cathode, and usually needs to be at least 0.7 volts higher. The diode is like a one-way valve, preventing the voltage from going in the wrong direction.

It is used for current conversion from AC to DC to prevent out-of-range input voltage. Zener diode is a special type of diode used as a voltage regulator. Schottky diodes have lower forward voltage drop (in the range of 0.15 to 0.45V) and faster turn-on time.

The transistor is a multifunctional circuit element. This three-pin device can be used as a voltage or current dependent switch, or as an amplifier or stabilizer depending on the circuit. There are two main technologies, bipolar junction (BJT) and field effect (FET). The pin terminals of these two types of transistors are different. BJT transistors are divided into two types according to the polarity of the components, NPN and PNP. FET transistors also have many classifications based on n-channel and p-channel.

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