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WEET Flat and Square Bridge Rectifiers 50A 1000V KBPC5010 BR5010 GBJ5010 35A 1000V GBPC3510 BR3510 1

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How to measure the quality of bridge rectifier?

Use the diode gear of the digital multimeter or the 100 or 1000 gear of the pointer meter to measure the resistance between the two AC input terminals and the output positive terminal of the rectifier bridge. If it is open or short, the rectifier bridge is broken. The normal value should be 400 to 2000 ohms.?

It can also be measured that the resistance from the positive terminal to the input terminal should be infinite, otherwise it is broken. The resistance value from the negative terminal to the input terminal should also be 400 to 2000 to be considered normal.

If the positive and negative DC output voltages are not normal, you do not need to check the rectifier diodes, but check the power transformer, because it is less likely that several rectifier diodes will have the same fault at the same time.

When a certain group of rectifier circuits fails, check according to the fault detection methods described above. The diodes VD1 and VD3, VD2 and VD4 of the rectifier diodes in this circuit are connected in parallel with the DC circuit, and they will affect each other during on-circuit detection. Therefore, the diode should be disconnected from the circuit for accurate detection.

In each working cycle of the bridge stack, only two diodes are working at the same time. The unidirectional conduction function of the diodes converts the alternating current into a unidirectional direct current pulsating voltage. Anatomy of a commonly used low-power bridge stack will reveal that the full-wave bridge stack adopts a plastic package structure (most low-power bridge stacks use this package form).

The high-power rectifier bridge is enclosed by a zinc metal shell outside the insulating layer to enhance heat dissipation. There are many types of rectifier bridges: flat, round, square, bench-shaped (in-line and patch), etc. There are GPP and O/J structures. The maximum rectified current ranges from 0.5A to 100A, and the maximum reverse peak voltage ranges from 50V to 1600V.

Popular Flat Bridge Rectifiers

50A 1000V: GBJ5010

10A 1000V: GBU1010 GBJ1010

6A 1000V: GBU610

Popular Square Bridge Rectifiers:

50A 1000V: KBPC5010 BR5010

35A 1000V: GBPC3510 BR3510

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