WEET DO-15 Dipped 600W Transient Voltage Suppressor P6KE Series

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TVS tube P6KE series, with peak pulse power of 600W at 10x1000u waveform repetition rate, DO-15 package glass passivation sheet, response speed P seconds, transient power, excellent clamping voltage capability, low leakage current It has the characteristics of small breakdown voltage, small volume, high reliability and high reliability. It is widely used in various circuits such as computer, communication, industrial, consumer electronics and I/O interfaces. WEET TVS tube has a wide variety and complete models. The specific models of P6KE series are as follows:
WEET P6KE bidirectional TVS diode series models:
P6KE6.8CA, P6KE7.5CA, P6KE8.2CA, P6KE9.1CA, P6KE10CA, P6KE11CA, P6KE12CA, P6KE13CA, P6KE15CA, P6KE16CA, P6KE18CA, P6KE20CA, P6KE22CA, P6KE24CA, P6KE27CA, P6KE30CA, P6KE33CA, P6KE36CA, P6KE39CA, P6KE43CA, P6KE47CA, P6KE51CA, P6KE56CA, P6KE62CA, P6KE68CA, P6KE75CA, P6KE82CA, P6KE91CA, P6KE100CA, P6KE110CA, P6KE120CA, P6KE130CA, P6KE150CA, P6KE160CA, P6KE170CA, P6KE180CA, P6KE200CA, P6KE220CA, P6KE250CA, P6KE300CA, P6KE350CA, P6KE380CA, P6KE400CA, P6KE440CA, P6KE500CA, P6KE520CA, P6KE550CA, P6KE600CA.WEET 

P6KE series unidirectional TVS Diodes Part Number Index:
P6KE6.8A, P6KE7.5A, P6KE8.2A, P6KE9.1A, P6KE10A, P6KE11A, P6KE12A, P6KE13A, P6KE15A, P6KE16A, P6KE18A, P6KE20A, P6KE22A, P6KE24A, P6KE27A, P6KE30A, P6KE33A, P6KE36A, P6KE39A, P6KE43A, P6KE47A, P6KE51A, P6KE56A, P6KE62A, P6KE68A, P6KE75A, P6KE82A, P6KE91A, P6KE100A, P6KE110A, P6KE120A, P6KE130A, P6KE150A, P6KE160A, P6KE170A, P6KE180A, P6KE200A, P6KE220A, P6KE250A, P6KE300A, P6KE350A, P6KE380A, P6KE400A, P6KE440A, P6KE500A, P6KE520A, P6KE550A, P6KE600A.
TVS diodes are unidirectional and bidirectional. The characteristics of unidirectional TVS tubes are similar to those of Zener tubes. The characteristics of bidirectional TVS tubes are equivalent to the reverse connection of two Zener tubes. There are three methods for distinguishing the single bidirectional method of TVS tube. The most intuitive one is to look at the model. From the above P6KE series TVS tube model, it can be clearly seen that the two-way P6KE series TVS tube has more than one letter C in one direction; The second method is to read the specification book, the two-way TVS tube double-conducting, the one-way TVS tube single-passing; the third method, with the aid of the tool multimeter, the two-way two sides have voltage, one-way one-way.
The difference between unidirectional transient suppression diodes determines the environmental conditions of their application. Generally, the unidirectional TVS tube is used in a DC circuit, and the bidirectional TVS tube is used in an AC circuit and a USB data line.
Specification: https://weetcl.com/pdf/WEET_DO15_P6KE_Series.pdf  

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