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WEET Definition, Classification and Industry Chain Analysis of Semiconductor Diodes

1. Definition and classification of semiconductor diodes

A semiconductor diode is a unidirectional conductive two-terminal device made of semiconductor materials. It is widely used in rectification scenarios because of its characteristic that only allows current to flow in a single direction. It is one of the most commonly used electronic components. The semiconductor diode is one of the earliest discrete semiconductor devices. It can be connected to a variety of components such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors in a reasonable combination to form circuits with different functions. These circuits can achieve various functions such as rectification of alternating current, wave building, amplitude limiting, clamping, and voltage stabilization of the modulated signal.

According to specific uses, diodes can be divided into detection diodes, rectifier diodes, Zener diodes, switching diodes, isolation diodes, Schottky diodes, light emitting diodes, silicon power switching diodes, rotating diodes, etc. Among them, rectifier diodes, detector diodes, switching diodes, and Zener diodes are widely used.

2. Industry chain analysis of China's semiconductor diode industry

Participants in the upstream market of China's semiconductor diode industry chain include industrial silicon, packaging materials and other raw material suppliers and production equipment suppliers. The midstream of the industry chain is a Chinese semiconductor diode manufacturer. The downstream terminal application areas of the industry chain cover consumer electronics such as mobile phones, computers, and home appliances. And automobiles and other fields.


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